Joy Bardin
Vice Chair, Jax Refrigeration 

Katie Cox
Marketing Chair, Jax Sports Council

Robin Braddock
 SERVPRO Mandarin, Beaches/Ponte Vedra

Tabitha Furyk
Jim & Tabitha Furyk Foundation

Nikki Kimbleton

William Myers
​PRM Corporation

​Kimberly Ward    
Managing Director
​(904) 574-6802 


​Lisa Ward
Member, The Mercer Group, Inc.

Sean Stenson
Member, Route4Me

Dorothy Williams
​​Secretary, Publix Super Markets

Christine Reitz
Chairwoman, Regions Bank

First Coast Blessings in a Backpack Advisory Board Members are critical to the success of Blessings. Our children rely on them for so many important things and are deeply grateful for all the time, skills, connections, and resources each one gives to Blessings.

Rather than specify an official list of board roles and responsibilities, listed are 5 things that Blessings’ Awesome Board members do, in no particular order.

  1. Passionately talk about Blessings. They talk about it to everyone they know: Family members, neighbors, strangers on the bus, travel agents, cobblers, etc. Our awesome board members infect people with excitement about Blessings’ work.
  2. Show appreciation for the work of the volunteers. It’s easy to point out all the things that can be improved. Blessings board members take time to point out the things that are going well and show appreciation for the volunteer team members who make things happen.
  3. Follow through on what they say they are going to do. Show up at an event? Contact a potential sponsor? Whittle small animals out of blocks of soap as prizes for the raffle? Blessings’ awesome board members do exactly what they say they will do.
  4. Make a personal and significant financial contribution. Blessings’ board members know that many funders and donors still look for 100% board financial contribution, so they provide an annual gift happily and speedily.
  5. Ensure all Blessings’ policies and practices align with its values. Love and believe in the organization. Blessings’ Awesome board members truly believe in the organization’s mission, vision, and values. Our awesome board members will fight for over-coming childhood hunger, provide for companies’ employee engagement opportunities, and always say “yes” to feeding a child.

Rohan Bhargava​
​Member, University of Florida

Kristine Philips​
​Member, Phillips Broadcasting

Myrna Brannon

​Member, Berkshire Hathaway Home Service Florida

Martin Buckley
​Member, Palm Beach Autographs

Emeritus Board of Directors

First Coast Chapter Blessings Board of Directors

Wyatt Haynes
​Member, United Parcel Service